Welcome to my raspberry project website.

This website is intended to give a little insight into my microcomputing projects.
All projects have some software and hardware parts which are described at varying degree.
Particularly when it comes to some Linux stuff, you might find some hints or details in other articles - which I'll try to reference as best as possible.

Comments and questions are always welcome as long as they express a sincere and modest level of interest and respect. Whereever people do some work - specially on hobbyists level - errors may occure.
Please, consider to consult provided sources and the almighty internet prior to sending out email or seeking other form of help through me.

Project News

Hack that LEDARE - no longer on sale
Entry created by Clemens on 2018-11-07 12:21

A few month a ago I had to figure out that the LEDARE used for my bed light project is no longer on sale at the renowned Swedish furniture store. I might be searching for an alternative...one day.

Publish the home sensor network project
Entry created by Clemens on 2018-10-31 18:23

Up and running for a while now but not documented - my wireless home sensor network project. I'll provide the documentation of the solution in a stepwise approach adding some details here and there. The first documentation launch is rather a collection of solution elements and a brief outlineing of the fundamental functional features and ways it operates.

Added chapter in piNOS project
Entry created by Clemens on 2016-09-29 18:04

After some absence I now found the time and esprit to continue writing on my piNOS audio system. Please, find some further documentation on how the system now realises.

Hack that LEDARE, bug fix solution
Entry created by Clemens on 2015-12-30

See for the bug fix of the firmware. When utilising the second channel, the turn on condition for the relay was never met and hence the lamp would not turn on at all once channel two was used initally.

Hack that LEDARE, build bedlamp
Entry created by Clemens on 2015-11-05

A newly added project. Truely nothing to do with raspberry, but who cares. The project describes the hack of an IKEA LED lamp and make of a dimmable bedlamp. Uses an ATMEL MCU and C-code (based on Arduino IDE environment).

Impressions of D-amp, piNOS implementation
Entry created by Clemens on 2015-02-06 22:56

Please, find some update on the project reports considering my first impressions and experiences made with the D-amp and the audio capabilities of the new generation of raspberries (i.e. the +-line). Check out th eproject pages for further detail.

Class D audio amplifier
Entry created by Clemens on 2015-01-22 19:29

Just added the decription of the prototype class D audio amplifier. Based on TI's chip TPA3122D2 and reference design, I created this little board for the piNOS audio system (stand alone satellite player).

Creation of project website
Entry created by Clemens on 2015-01-17 13:59

The first project which I bring to you is the piNOS audio system. It is a kind of clone to a popular audiosystem which allows you to have audio all over your home and even synchronise it. The system comprises of a master device (including a media server) and satellites which function as mere audio players. And - as everything is APP nowadays - the whole thing of course controls through your mobile device.

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